Hooray for Hollywood! The Black Doll Exhibit Review Series pt.1

by Lisa Jacobs-Watson/fashion doll collector/creative coordinator  )pictured above the Bob Mackie barbie part of Hollywood Showcase at The Black Doll Exhibit in Buffalo)

In light of the 2nd Annual Black Doll Exhibit currently at the downtown Buffalo Public Library, it seems fitting to highlight that the exhibit lends itself as a history lesson. Each of the eight showcases tells a story that is relatable to beauty and culture by way of its theme and significance to lifestyles and history of Black people.

Hooray for Hollywood is an imaginary red-carpet gala of exquisite beauty. The dolls are set up as a reminder to Hollywood that we have arrived!

Roles for actors were scarce in the old days of Hollywood. Parts that were available were limited to menial roles, mostly portraying stereotypes. As African Americans broke barriers in film and television, more doors were opened throughout the industry. Today we celebrate Hollywood icons and red-carpet divas with show-stopping talent and major achievements.

As we honor women throughout March, let us not forget the barrier breakers and trendsetters who have left and continue to leave a Hollywood legacy.

Dolls in the Hooray for Hollywood exhibit showcase includes designs by Bryon Lars, Bob Mackie, and the MGM Golden Hollywood Barbie. 

Visit the Black Doll Exhibit now until March 27 at the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library 1 Lafayette Square during normal business hours Mon -Thurs 8am -7pm Fri- Sat 9am -5pm closed on Sunday  or Visit  buffalolib.org