Buffalo Human Trafficking Restoration Home Expands with Opening of New FreeTHEM Center

photo above Kelly Galloway cutting the ribbon on her new FreeTHEM center in Buffalo NY.  (photo from Galloway’s IG post)

Details of 902 Mile FreeTHEM Walk was announced see video at end of this article for highlights of what the walk is about .   

Project Mona’s House founder, Kelly Galloway hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony at 1:30pm  on Tuesday  to announce the grand opening of the FreeTHEM Center. Located  at 852 Kensington Ave., it   is Buffalo’s new drop-in location for women victimized by human trafficking and at-risk girls. Galloway will also announced the organization’s first major act, The FreeTHEM Walk, a 902-mile journey from Lynchburg, VA to Buffalo, NY to raise awareness about human trafficking.  

According to the International Labour Organization, human trafficking globally generates $150 billion annually. A 2019 report by the State Department identifies the U.S. as one of the world’s worst places for human trafficking. Victims are modern-day slaves used for sex, labor, medical experiments, and organs. Human trafficking is happening in Buffalo; however many people are uninformed about what it is, how to identify victims or traffickers, and where to get help. Without resources and programs available for trafficking survivors to get back on track, they are likely to return to a life of exploitation. Although human trafficking victims can be any race, social class, or age, ethnically marginalized groups and people in poverty are more at risk. The FreeTHEM Center is the sister location to Buffalo’s only human trafficking restoration home, Project Mona’s House. 

The new organization provides mental health and addiction counseling, life skills classes, workforce training, and empowerment workshops for human trafficking victims and at-risk girls. 

“My hope is that we will have a safe place for the most vulnerable and commonly exploited populations. A place that will build community, restore faith in one another and better lives. Harried build both a pathway and a house on hope in her day…today I stand on her shoulders and do the same.”  said Galloway. 

    About Kelly Diane Galloway –

photo by Malik Rainey

Kelly Diane Galloway is a traveling missionary and founder of RAMP Global Missions. With support from celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, she founded Buffalo’s first human trafficking restoration home, Project Mona’s House. Project Mona’s House rescues victims who have survived human trafficking from across the country. The organization provides housing, safety, and therapy for exploited, homeless, or orphaned women. Since the U.S. is one of the worse places for human trafficking, Kelly is taking extreme steps to build awareness about human trafficking to help stop it. When more people are informed, her organizations can rescue more victims. For that reason, Project Mona’s House and the new FreeTHEM Center will join forces to kick off The FreeTHEM Walk this spring.  Go to projectmonashouse.com to learn  more about the center and how to join the FreeThem network


Tap Below for Video Explaining The Free Them Walk and click project mona’s house link above to get more details . Follow Galloway on IG  KellyGalloway    and Project Mona’s House 


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