story and images by Ashley Dorcely

Madness – a state of severe mental illness. It’s been a year since a dark cloud fell upon the world and in particular the United States of America. Half a million deaths later we’re still going through it but we are living as human beings often do out of necessity and resourcefulness.  We’ve adapted to our lives with Covid. Much of our social norms were taken away or abbreviated like the name of a state you would rather not spell out(some of you are thinking of one now). Handshakes are now elbow bumps, hugs are now air kisses and the salutation at a Catholic Church when you show a stranger the sign of peace is just that now, the peace sign(index and middle finger) or a head nod.

But with this March we’ve returned to some welcome Madness. One of the first surprises within the sports world was a shortened All- Star weekend in Atlanta. Abbrieviated into All-Star day! How maddening does that sound? The NBA had been unsure if it would happen. Some of the most established athletes preferred a weekend away from the game as well as an opportunity to spend time with family. Nonetheless the events of All-Star weekend took place on March 7th. The skills challenge and the three point contest were the highlights.

Syracuse men have made it to Sweet Sixteen while Buffalo’s own Daemen wildcats are playin in the elite 8 for NCAA D2 schools all photos A. Dorcely

Now we’re on to the annaul Madness recognized in March. With a skewed season per the Pandemic the college basketball world has decided to savor the “dance”. Young men and women are dusting off their dancing shoes after last year’s cancellation of the tournament. They will once again have an opportunity to cut down nets and jump for joy while busting up the brackets that hardworking people put blood, sweat and tears into.

 As I’m writing this article those who wagered on games and did not just fill out brackets are definitely crying. The reason being “Cinderella” is going to need a bus and not a regular horse and carriage to the Ball. The “Big Dance” has turned out to be a big chance for some schools to make history while living in a historical time. The upsets are coming,  the upsets are coming as higher seeded teams continue to fall.

 I can’t forget to mention though that in Western New York high school playoffs are going on now as well because of a late start to the season. This is no regular March Madness this year. But what else is new after last year. Please continue to be strong and healthy as we are not through the woods yet as THIS ALL-STAR MADNESS continues!!!

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