A Woman’s History Month Tribute to Shayla

by Katie Nichols Harrod 

It gives me great pleasure to write this article about our daughter Shayla Harrod, we are so proud of her recent accomplishments and wanted to share with you in honor of Women’s History month. 

 Just some quick background about Shayla, she was born in 1986 in Baltimore, Maryland we moved here when she was starting elementary school. Shayla was a good student and she graduated from high school at Villa Maria. One thing about Shay is she has always been very independent. She Wanted to learn things on her own and always liked fixing things around the house. I will get back to that in a moment. A fond early memory of her personality is that she had found a cat in the neighborhood in Maryland where we lived and she called him her “friend cat.” Always friendly and kind she would look for the cat whenever she would play outside. She had a flip side though and a few days later she was heading out the door with something in her hand. I stopped her and asked (she was no more than 5) what is in your hand? A pair of scissors?!…”Get back in here!”  Well, she said somebody messed with her friend cat. Actually to this day you don’t want to get on her bad side LOL! 

 But it is that tough personality and sharp wit that brings me to why I am writing about this young lady. Shayla currently works for NAPA Auto Parts as an Assistant Store Manager at the new University Plaza location. She was hired after working nine years at AutoZone as a Commercial Parts Manager at their Union Road Store. Because of her reputation for taking excellent care of the large Commercial customers such as North Town as well as the Small (“Mom & Pop”) auto repair shops NAPA was trying for two years to bring her into their Store. 

The District managers at NAPA kept hearing that Automotive shops all around town would not buy from anyone but AutoZone because this woman named Shay, “knows EVERYTHING to help our business.” Even when she took maternity leave, her Automotive Customers would just wait to purchase, until she got back. NAPA recruited her very intensely when she returned to AutoZone and their offer was very good. Shayla was recently chosen to begin Manager Training (to prepare for Managing an entire Store)out of a field of 118 people in several states. That number was reduced to 60 and Shayla was picked out of only 2 employees in this region to join the Management Program. 

She likes that NAPA employees treat each other like family, the hours are better and she is closer to home now. Shay can spend more time with her son Xavier (14) and his little brother Solomon (18 months).  If that wasn’t enough, Shayla also owns her own Auto Repair Shop in Blackrock (R & S-Reincarnation Auto Clinic 170 Grace Street Buffalo) which has been a great hobby of hers… to work on and fix cars. Just want to say, along with the rest of our family, Congrats Shay!! You make us all proud of your hard work and accomplishments! Matter of fact, I have to go now and make an appointment…I need my brakes checked LOL!

Maybe we will see you up at the University NAPA Store one day!