The Activist Who Would Be Sheriff… Myles Carter Announces His Run for Erie County Sheriff 2021

There’s a New Candidate for Sheriff in Town.

Myles Carter, an  articulate young entrepreneur, community leader and father,   found himself a victim of excessive force by police during a peaceful protest against police policies last summer.  He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct but those charges were later dismissed.  The Mayor called Carter “an agitator.”

On Monday Mr. Carter, 30, announced his candidacy for Erie County Sheriff.  An office that is typically held by career law enforcement. 

“The way things are being done today are not working and traditional law enforcement has proven they don’t have the critical lens to make meaningful change,” he asserted in a press released by his campaign.

Myles is a longtime resident of Erie County, a graduate of Amherst Central High School and Medaille College, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration.    

The press statement continued, describing Myles  as having a unique exposure to policing and criminal justice and understands the need to address the root cause to much of the crime we are dealing with, the root cause being poverty. 

“ Myles has a strategic plan, one that places the focus of corrections from supervision to one of reform.  He plans to focus jail spending on programs in the way of drug abuse/addiction, mental health, social work and skills training. 

“With a $98M total spent on corrections in Erie County, there is no reason people should be released from jail lacking the basic needs and skills to survive.” 

Myles proposes to adopt Cariol’s Law as policy at the Erie County Sheriff’s Department, decriminalize marijuana, and he will adopt the HALT Solitary bill to put an end to solitary confinement all on day one of his administration.  

Myles asserts the county jails are overstaffed and accounting for massive amount of waste in hourly and overtime pay, and he will begin measures to right size county spending in these areas.   

He  concluded: “We are all paying for over policing and mass incarceration, and it’s not benefiting our county one bit.   We are dealing with a County Jail system that has been found to be guilty of murder and multiple counts of rape of sexual misconduct.  We must put an end to this insidious culture that has been allowed to fester under current Sheriff Howard and begin working towards restoring incarcerated individuals back into our community.”   

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