An Open Letter to the Mayor of Buffalo: Rescind The School Speed Law!

Dear Mayor Brown:

This letter is written with the deepest respect for the office you hold. And know, that respect continues throughout this communication, however, somethings need your attention and must be brought to light. This is not an indictment, clarity is needed surrounding this issue. 

In all honesty, for the health of our great city and its citizens, you must rescind the school speed law. It has created an unhealthy attitude and an ongoing murmur among various populations which should not be allowed to continue. You must rescind the school speed law. It is a blaring infraction that seeks to  control the mobility and mentality of the citizens of this city. 

Hopefully at this time, as Mayor of the City of Buffalo, you are considering your legacy. The enactment of this one ordinance will forever overshadow all the good you may have done. It feels like a vendetta towards the people or possibly a show of power which has been misdirected. This law is oppressive, and possibly short-sighted. You must rescind the school speed law. 

Creatively, there is more than one way to put people in cages. This plan effectively works in large cities like New York where  the population is in the millions and there is a steady stream of pedestrians. But in the city of Buffalo where sidewalks literally become ghost towns between the hours of 9:30 am and 3:30 pm, it takes some imagination to see the need for, and the effectiveness of the plan.  

The financial weight of such a plan in this time of Covid virus, unemployment, racial disparity, violence, confusion, and depression – is “aggressive,” to say the least. Mayor, you must rescind the school speed law. Irrational, burdensome, unfair, oppressive, hazzardest and even a little bit “crazy” are adjectives attached to the conversations surrounding this ordinance.  Repealing  of this law will demonstrate compassionate government and provide the much-needed hope, “most needed now.”  

Mr. Mayor, we need wise and empathic leadership. In an era where oppression is the norm, the people of Buffalo are hopeful that your actions are not to this end, nor to a means no one wants to mention. We wish to remember our Mayor with favor, honor, dignity, and respect.

Two Concerned Citizens

Gayle Bryant 

Sadie Garner