Warren Buster Burdine Sr., affectionally. Known as “Mr. Burdine” to his countless customers, is pictured above standing outside his grocery store, “Jeff-Ferry Deli,”  located at 1440 Jefferson Avenue near E. Ferry.

Back in the day Burdine’s Deli was among a host of Black-owned delis and stores on the east side. Known for  their delicious hand-packed ice cream,  well-stocked shelves,  “Wall of Photos,” and Mr. Burdine’s infinite wisdom, the friendly neighborhood establishment was a lifeline  to many Cold Spring residents who had no supermarket nearby at the time. Mr. Burdine was very conscientious and knowledgeable about world events and  Black history.  

He actively managed the business until the mid 2000’s when  ill health forced him to close and sell the building – but not before he made sure that the new owner was  Black and community minded. He made his transition on January 26, 2010 at age 84. Today The Ink Spot, which offers a variety of services to the community, occupies the building. Mr. Burdine would be proud!

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