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Greetings to everyone ~~ Have an awesome “National Black History” month 2021!  

You have your Pre~Approval and now you are ready to view homes with your Real Estate Agent.   The agent has already been keeping you apprised of the market with regards to: 

~Available supply of homes

~Design/style trends, conditions, new construction and location

~Listing price as homes enter the sales market

~Recently closed transactions yielding valuable information on figures your agent can review with you decide to submit an offer

~Homes recently under contract 

~Relationships with other agents regarding homes soon to be marketed  

Your goals along with your agent: 

~Viewing homes within the pre~approval ranges

~Maintain a good Credit profile

~Maintain funds to purchase and of course the closing

~Be mindful, homeowners are focused on obtaining the listing price and possibly  greater than.  As mentioned in the previous article in January 2021, “multiple offers” on the same home do occur.  Be prepared financially to come with “your highest and best offer.”  In this market, sufficient funds on hand would be great.  Income tax time is here, so get ready to make that bid!


~Your agent will schedule appointments to facilitate a date, time and location. The listing agent for the seller, will respond accordingly; some viewings are virtual if necessary 

~ Detailed information about any property to be viewed along with the property condition disclosure (completed by the owner) should be available before the viewing

~Upon entering any property, the agent will tour with you, explaining details and answering any concerns. Feel free to record your own observations during the viewing, mainly if there are more homes to be toured on the same day

~ Certainly as the home tours are concluded, your next step is to meet with your agent

~Inquire with your agent if you may request a “pre~inspection of the home”  after the viewing at the seller’s discretion .  Having one provides more support with making a decision.  If the seller has one completed, your agent may inquire about the results.

Covid19 : Agents are mindful of the health precautions regarding access to homes. The listing agent for the seller, will include any safety measures with regards to entering the property. The agent will give you access to entering the home. This will include wearing masks, no contact with items and a limit of two people with their agent entering the property.  If there are more, the same information does apply. Children must remain outside for safety concerns.

What happens next……Submitting an offer on your Dream Home and the Loan Process.  This is where we get really excited. 

-A Moment in our African American History-

Robert Traynham Coles, FAIA, (24 August 1929 – 16 May 2020, aged 90) was an architect, educator, and social justice activist.  Coles was the first African American to win the Rotch Traveling Scholarship awarded by the Boston Society of Architects, the first African American Chancellor of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), [ the first AIA Vice-President for Minority Affairs, and a founding member of the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA).   

In 1963, Coles opened his firm Robert Traynham Coles, Architect in Buffalo, New York, making it the first African American owned firm in New York State and in the Northeast.  His first project was the commission of his thesis project, the Ellicott District Recreation Center, known today as the John F. Kennedy Recreation Centre by the city of Buffalo. Coles considered his firm’s first project also his first advocacy project, emerging from conversations with a community facing the threat of urban renewal.

Robert T. Coles House and Studio (Humboldt Pkwy,Buffalo NY) is significant under Criterion C as an outstanding and highly intact example of mid-twentieth century Modern residential architecture in Buffalo. 

Designed and constructed in 1961 by its owner, a prominent local architect, the building used prefabricated and pre-cut components in its construction that were drawn from Coles’s experience working for the Techbuilt Company, an innovative mid-century prefabricated housing manufacturer.  

As such, the Coles house is an excellent example of many new ideas in modern residential architecture that were developed following World War II, including mass-production, use of new materials, and modularity.  

However, Coles also customized the design to suit his own needs, which included incorporating both his professional office and his family home into the structure. 

” It’s A Great Time to Market & Locate a New Home “ 

Hawwao Wajed / Real Estate Salesperson~Notary