On A Different High

pictured above l/r : Amari DeBerry from Williamsville South High School signed to UConn.   Malik Jemison from Canisius High School committed to play at Fredonia ,JaVaughn Jones from Health Science Charter High School earned Buffalo News player of year honors last season. Story and Photos by A. Dorcely

The struggle has been real. Surviving has been a test. Those passing it have paid close attention to stringent guidelines. Grades are in colors not letters. This is our new normal. And for student athletes they’ve been left feeling low. Not Sweet’N Low ; more like a low blow! Sport is an integral part in the development process for many young men and women in middle schools, high schools and colleges across the country. But the games had to stop. The fans were cooled off. While we’ve been made to keep score of the importance of staying distanced. Not exactly the stressful conditions that middle school, high school and college athletes are used to, huh.

High risk sports(Basketball, Football, Hockey and etc.)at the start of the academic year were ruled out. The reason for this if not obvious was to keep the student athletes, their families and friends safe as well as everyone else involved with the athletic events. New York State though was amongst a minority of states doing this. So the disapproval and future impeachment of the Governor for such an act seemed certain. Now isn’t that ironic(if you get it you get IT)!!!

 But with the lower Covid numbers a different HIGH has arisen. A reprisal has been granted. High school athletes are allowed to join their college counterparts and are now also able to play with protocols from local health departments. I should mention that some elementary/ middle school sports have also comeback. Others have decided that it is still too high of a risk. So as always I want to wish you and your family continued strength and health. Please continue to be vigilant as we await a time where a risky behavior won’t be the sharing of sports equipment or a handshake and instead enjoy the effervescence of a hug and a HIGH five again!!!