Gladys’s Nook and Marge’s Soul Food: Two Good Reasons to Shop the Broadway Market

On a recent visit to the Broadway Market   yielded two pleasant surprises: Gladys’s Nook and Marge’s Soul Food! 

Galdy’s Nook owner Robyn with family 

Gladys’s Nook, with its attractive display of scrubs and apparel, is one of the  first  businesses  you see when you enter the Market.    The shop’s  personable young proprietor, Robyn Miller, is an RN who  has  been in nursing for 20 years!  She said she opened her business   to provide healthcare workers quality uniforms at affordable prices. Scrubs start at $20  a set or $40 for designer styles. Individual tops or pants start at just $10.    The shop , which she named after her grandmother, is open daily and even offers home delivery on Sundays!  Running her business, (which she opened during the pandemic!), working as a nurse (independent)  and going to school (majoring in Psychology at UB), Robyn is an entrepreneur on a mission! (716-908-3697 or email Find her on facebook or check out her website at 

Margie Hawkins with staff at Marge’s Soul Food

Marge’s Soul Food has that down home taste . Margie Hawkins, proprietor,  has been in the Broadway Market  for some  20 years. The long time cook  for the former McKenzie’s,  she’s been the owner of    Marge’s Soul Food for the past four years. Proud of her Southern roots,  Margie serves breakfast, lunch and dinner featuring    all the traditional deliciously prepared  soul food dishes  and deserts and the price is right! So whether you’re in the Market or in the area, Marge’s is conveniently located , where she’s always serving food for the soul!(716-322-1748).    

Robyn and Margie  ar.e the only two Black-owned  businesses inside the Broadway Market.