Erie County Democratic Party Treats Black Democrats Like We Are Expendable

I wish I did not have to write this, but I have come to the conclusion that the Erie County Democratic Committee is not going to respect Black Democrats as a political force to be reckoned with, until we realize our worth and the power we give to the party here in Erie County. 

Black Erie County voters vote almost exclusively democrat. But when we Blacks run for a countywide position, we are either discouraged from running or, if we do snag the endorsement, we are not supported financially as much as non-Black candidates. Look at the Bernie Tolbert and Vanessa Glushelski elections, and you will see what I am talking about.

Simply stated, Kimberly Lynn Beaty can win the Erie County Sheriff’s race. All it takes for that to happen, is for the Democrat Party to give their endorsement to the most qualified candidate running: Kim Beaty, and for our democratic political leaders, especially those that represent Buffalo residents, to officially endorse her. 

But  sadly it does not appear that is going to happen. In a statement shared with Channel 2 just days ago,  Beaty wrote in part:”…For personal and professional reasons, I will no longer seek endorsement from the Erie County Democratic committee. This experience has been eye-opening. I am hopeful that someday, the party boss will truly work to advance the needs of our whole community.”

As a candidate who has run and won, sometimes without party backing, I speak from a position of knowledge, experience and also as a casualty of backroom dealings. I also speak from a policy of transparency, and a commitment to always speak truth to power.

If I were advising Ms. Beaty, I would have  advised her to (1) officially announce her candidacy, (2) launch her political website, and (3) widely publish her platform and the reason(s) she wants to run for an office and position that has been grossly mismanaged for years! I would also tell her to run to win, with or without the Erie County Democrat Committee’s endorsement for Erie County Sheriff.

Finally, I would have advised her to call all those elected officials who have come, time and time again, to Buffalo’s Black democratic  bloc of voters to ask for our support. Now is the time that we ask for their political payback to our community. Kim Lynn Beaty is experienced, educated, community-connected, and possesses another great attribute in addition to these – she can actually win!