Enslaved Africans Built The White House…And A Few Other Things Too…

•The Smithsonian Institution, built between 1847 and 1855, is made from red sandstone, which was quarried by enslaved Africans. 



• Trinity Church  (in lower Manhattan) used  rented enslaved Africans to build the church. The Africans  helped construct the first version of the church, which was finished in 1698 and burned down in 1776. The slaves’ owners were paid for the work done.


* The Fraunces Tavern was built in 1719 s one of the oldest buildings in Manhattan. The New York Historical society says it was built by slaves, along with New York’s first prison and hospital.


•Fort Sumter in South Carolina. Fort Sumter is an artificial island that was built in 1829 — from bricks  that were made by  enslaved Africans.In 1864, during the Civil War, the Confederate Army made slaves repair the fortress while it was under attack, and at least 20 slaves died.

•Monticello: Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello home in Charlottesville was built by slaves. They quarried limestone, made bricks, and built the house’s frame.