City Council President Loretta C. Scott To Retire

City Council President Loretta C. Scott recently announced she will not be running for re-election in 2021. After dedicating over 30 years of her career to the City of Rochester, President Scott has made the decision to retire from public service.   

“We are all like snowballs, the sum of our experiences collectively packed together over the years, and propelled forward by the hands of others.” This is how I have felt as Council President – that I’ve been given the privilege of helping guide change for our City, and that so many have laid their hands on me to help me move in the right direction,” said President Scott of her career.

President Scott has served three terms on the Rochester City Council, elected as President in 2014. Prior to her time on Council, President Scott’s career at City Hall culminated to her appointment as Commissioner of Parks, Recreation, and Humans Services, which made her the first Black woman to head a City department. 

As a new Councilmember, President Scott was quickly labeled the “jobs lady,” as she focused much of her time on getting fair, livable wages for all Rochestarians. She advocated for youth and children, supported environmentally friendly initiatives, sought equal housing rights, and worked with the business community as a small business owner herself.