Buffalo Five Court Date Postponed

STILL FIGHTING: pictured  John (right) and Darryl (left) outside the WUFO Studios prior to   last month’s prayer vigil. Challenger Photo

by Sherry  Sherrill

John Walker of the Buffalo Five  said news that the Tuesday Feb. 16 court date had been postponed  due to winter weather was “both good and bad.”

Although the delay was disappointing, the fact that the Judge preferred to conduct proceedings face to face with him  and Darryl Boyd instead of virtually, gave him hope that justice might finally be served. It also gives them  more time to bring awareness to the their struggle and to garner more support.

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn is opposing their Motion To Vacate Judgement of Erie County Indictment Number 41-413. 

The community is asked to call D.A. Flynn at (716)858 -2424 and ask him not to oppose the Motion to Vacate Indictment 41-413.   

Judge Christopher J. Burns, who is presiding in Part One’s Ceremonial Courtroom, will be ruling whether 1976 crime scene photographs of a lone assailant’s footprints constitutes “new evidence” in the Matter(s) of John Walker, Jr. and Darryl Boyd. If so, The Buffalo 5 will be set upon a path that will lead to an overturning of their indictments and convictions, and that would result in their exoneration.

-Community Support-

Acommunity-wide PRAYER VIGIL was held January 18 for The Buffalo 5 and broadcast live on Legendary Mix 1080AM WUFO/Power 96.5FM. 

-The Five Collectively-

The members of The Buffalo 5 are: John Walker, Jr., Darryl Boyd, Darryn Gibson, Floyd Martin, and Tyrone Woodruff. Floyd Martin was exonerated at the initial trial, and Tyrone Woodruff was not tried.

Both Walker and Boyd, and Darryn Gibson (prior to his death), persistently proclaimed their innocence of the robbery and murder of William Crawford, an elderly gentleman who was robbed and beaten to death, after leaving The Golden Nugget Bar And Lounge on January 2,1976.

Crime scene photographic evidence supported the conclusion that there was a lone assailant, not five, and no DNA Evidence was never presented at time of the original 1977 trials. Altogether, the three (convicted) members of The Buffalo 5 spent over 84 years in prison for this crime that they did not commit.