Buc’s Manhandle Chiefs in Blowout Pandemic Super Bowl LV 31-9 

I, like many others,  was totally shocked to see a potent offense shut down by a brilliant defensive game plan put together by Tampa Bay defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. 

His defensive scheme constantly put pressure on Patrick Mahomes and forced him to run on his bad foot. You could tell that Mahomes’ foot injury continued to get worse as the game went on and a lack of a running game played right into the hands of Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay offense.  

The Bucs softened up the already weak defensive unit against the run as Leonard Fournette and Ronald Jones punished the Chiefs defenders. Tampa Bay, having a successful running game, was able to use play action in order to open up the passing game down field. 

Brady was able to throw touchdown passes to Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown.  Tampa Bay linebacker Shaq Barrett said, “The way we came out there and played tonight offensively, defensively, special teams – we all did what we had to do to get the win. “ No touchdowns are unheard of for the Chiefs offense. If you told anyone they would not score a touchdown in the Super Bowl, you could have bet on that and won a lot of money. 

 Tampa Bay defensive coordinator Todd Bowles said, “The biggest thing was to cover up the receivers and make him hold the ball a little bit so our rush could get there.”

On Tyreek Hill: “We had to make sure he  didn’t  beat us over the top and make sure we tackle him underneath. He’s an explosive receiver one of the best in the game, and our guys were up to the challenge and they played a heck of a game.”    This was Patrick Mahomes first double digit loss in his four-year career. 

That’s an unbelievable stat on one of the best QB’s in the game today. It was also announced by media that Patrick Mahomes will have foot surgery sometime in the near future.

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes said:“They had a good game plan. I can’t say the toe was a problem when I played on it two weeks ago and performed very well.  Tampa Bay took away all of our deep stuff, took away the sideline, and they did a good job of rounding to the football and making tackles.  They were the better team tonight.”  That’s a good summary of Super Bowl LV and how Tampa Bay Buccaneers won in dominate fashion. 

My MVP’s for the game were of course Tom Brady and Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles for his dominant game plan and making it workable for his players. Hopefully we can get back to packed stadiums and bring normalcy to our lives in the very near future. This will give us a better and healthier way of life. Congrats to the Bucs !  

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