98 Year-Old WWII Veteran Paul Woods, Living History To Be Honored

Paul Woods is living history.

The World  War II Veteran, who is   98 Years old,  will be honored on Saturday, February 20 by  Mayor Byron Brown at 1 p.m. at   Prince of Peace COGIC 669 Kensington Avenue.

In addition, Congressman Brian Higgins will present Mr. Woods with  a flag and Congressional Proclamation. 

Mr. Woods,  the WWII coordinator for Jesse Clipper American Legion Post #430,  remembers  that the cost of freedom and democracy is not free. Some 200,000 American soldiers died in WWII to defeat Hitler and hatred.  Mr. Woods served the country he loved in a segregated army. He came home only to have to  fight the KKK, lynching’s, and segregation. But says: “We were all brother’s on the battlefield.  A bullet knows no race, no rank, rich or  poor.” 

The world united to fight “Man’s inhumanity to Man” in 1942.  U.S. Consulate General for Australia Valerie Fowler honored Paul Woods in 2015  for his service in Liberating the Philippines, and also saving Australia from Japanese conquest that same year. “Wish of A Lifetime” sponsored Paul’s return to the land of down under. It was broadcast  on “A Champion Returns.”

“I didn’t think my children would have to fight this battle again, with Nazis, and the Confederate flag in the streets of Charlotte, and now storming the White House,” said Mr. Woods.      

“We must teach our children Democratic values and true Americanism.” 

Some of Paul’s children will be present at the honors ceremony,  including Board of Education Member Paulette Woods, his Pastor Geoffrey Hord, and his Commander of Jesse Clipper Post#430  Reverend Eugene Pierce.  Due to COVID-19 the church will not host the  dinner.  Instead it  will be at Longhorn Steak House ,2015 Walden Ave. immediately after the event.