We Love Our AFC East Champs Buffalo Bills!

These lovely ladies of Buffalo NY who participated in the the Mayors Bills Mafia Challenge posed for a challenger photo in support of our Home Team . The Bills were up against the Kansas City and had a tough loss to  38/25 to the Chiefs.

Despite the loss Bills fans aka Bills Mafia near, far and wide are cheering on our AFC East Champions who worked hard and got us to the playoffs and the final game .

We look forward to the work they will be putting in and preparation for next season and will continue to cheer them on here at Home.  

We love our Bills! We can’t wait to see all the images from the Bills Mafia Challenge ! Check Mayor Byron Brown social media pages IG and FB where photos will be posted #BillsMafia #GoBuffalo !!! ( challenger news photo) 

Stay tuned for our post game reports from sports editor  George Radney and also some Sports Highlights that will include football comments by columnist Andre Robinson.

We also encourage you to check out the celebratory banners at city hall while they are up to take a photo of support for our team who will be returning home to cheering fans around the city ! Let’s Go Buffalo !  (challenger photo)