Like Dr. King, We Must Keep The Faith…

Dear Editor:

Dr. King, had he lived, would have been ninety two years old on the January 15, 2021. It has a special significance  to  me  for two reasons. One – we were born the same year 1929. Secondly because I spent over half my life helping to perpetuate his memory and all the outstanding leadership he displayed during the Civil Rights Movement.

Dr. King  spoke fluently to the conditions of the day, and  it was Faith that was the bedrock of all his achievements and actions.

He would be so disappointed to witness the threat against African Americans today,  as we are at the forefront of a divided country that once again, is struggling  to live up to it’s Declaration ” That all men are created equal.”

In these times  all of us that are concerned about the future of America and where we go from here. We  must  keep that Faith, the  same Faith that Dr. King depended on, that kept him going when times were tough. We need that Faith now, that we are challenged by hardships that seem to be  coming from all directions. .