Access To A Free Ka: Where Do We Go From Here? Meditation: From Community Read to Community Lead

Greetings family, we are encouraging everyone to bring their “Best Self” into 2021. Our Ancestors and our Descendants need us to get in order NOW ! The book, “Where Do We Go From Here Chaos or Community?” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,  is a clear and honest message of social, political, and economic position and power.

The position and power that is  needed must come from an educated  and ACTIVATED community.

In short, the real energy and potential must be created by an organized body of FUNCTIONING individuals.

The 21st century Black Beings in America need to be conscious and connected if true progress is desired. This book is a common lesson on building common agendas and securing allies.

Please listen to our radio show every Sunday at 7PM on WUFO 96.5 FM -1080 AM or Online This week we will dive deeper into organizing individuals into direct action teams.

Let’s build the community. We deserve !