A Time To Build

pictured above: Ben Simmons and the 76ers are currently in first place in the Eastern Conference

photos and story by A. Dorcely


What you’re about to read is theatrical literature. Movie scene one: So I went to bed Wednesday night to the news of an insurrection at the Capitol building during a Pandemic by “Trumpers” as I like to call them. Their anger was incited by the certification process for the newly elected President who had apparently stolen the election.

Movie scene two: A seventeen year old boy after purchasing a couple of items at a corner store is followed by an older man who was a vigilante crime fighter.  He believed the boy had overstepped his boundary so while trying to apprehend the boy a fight ensued and the boy is fatally shot. The vigilante will eventually go free.

Movie scene three : From A Time To Kill starring Samuel Jackson based on a novel about a ten year old girl sexually assaulted and killed by two older men. Her father played by Samuel Jackson goes about getting revenge on the men and so on. I won’t spoil the ending.

A difference in all three scenes is that the first two are nonfiction. Another difference is that of race where certain victims in scene one and scene three cannot subside the anger within and they seek to exhibit their feelings. In Samuel Jackson’s case his character seeks revenge. Now I  wonder about other families who have suffered the loss of loved ones like in scene two but have not given into the anger that Samuel’s character did. I’m always surprised by that. I believe those families believe in a Time To Build.

Happy New Year!!! As always I hope your families are in good health and that you’re able to keep safe. Whew!!! That was kind of a heavy introduction to a sports article. But here’s my attempt at a transition. Many NBA families also believe in a Time To Build which they’ve attempted to procure through trades, the draft and free agency.

After just two weeks into the season as of Thursday the current standings in the Eastern Conference has Philadelphia leading the Conference. Philadelphia went about building from the top down starting with a change in coaching. Former coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, Doc Rivers is now leading the 76ers.

RJ Barrett the #3 overall draft pick in 2019 has the Knicks looking like a serious contender at the start of the season

There are many more surprises within the current standings.

One being the Knicks are currently in fifth place.

They also went through a coaching change. The Raptors, our Western New York NBA team that I normally cover have not gotten off to a good start. After seven games played Toronto only has one victory. Teams such as the Bucks and Brooklyn who had blockbuster trades and acquisitions are currently languishing in sixth place and eighth place respectively.

Over in the Western Conference the Phoenix Suns where Chris Paul ended up with one of his former coaches, Monty Williams is at the top of the Conference. Paul appears to be having a major influence on the young team. The Suns currently have a slim lead over the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers. Other than that each game is a nightly battle amongst the teams in the wild, wild West as always. The Minnesota Timberwolves who had the number one draft pick Anthony Edwards in 2020 have an upward climb towards the playoffs. But Edwards seems to have picked up from where he left off while playing in college.

Lastly, I had to mention that Jordan Nwora out of Buffalo has looked good in the minutes he’s played. So much so he’s already part of NBA history helping the Milwaukee Bucks set a new NBA record for three pointers made in a game with 29. Nwora made two out of three shots that he took from behind the arc.

With that being said the building process goes on within the NBA, our country and our lives as we look to reconstruct what we’re used to while taking the appropriate precautions to prevent future destruction of what we hold dear! GO BILLS!!!!