“The Selection of Your Dream Home Begins”

by Hawwao Wajed

Ok let’s get started. 

Here is my short story on how a home came to me. 

I was an Erie County Savings Bank Customer Representative.  The thought of owning a home for my family was evident, and on the very day of acknowledging this, a real estate salesperson approached my desk and so it happened! Oh the cost was $11,000 for a single family back in the mid 70’s.  

Moving onto 2020, the horizon is indeed different.  Prices now range from, affordable to luxury pricing.  This relates to homes requiring rehabilitation, existing homes in good condition and those with modest improvements.  

The entire methodology on locations of homes are changing daily with regards to :

Available housing, income,employment,relocations,businesses,diversity/equity,education,growth of popula-tion,seniors,conveniences and transportation.  Inquire with your Agent for guidance.  Also local and community newspapers will always have some valuable details for you. 

Viewing a home in person is great and highly recommended!  As a result of all of the changes in 2020, technical options via digital, google face-time and on-line are now the latest additional choices.  As mentioned in the previous articles, your Real Estate Agent will be well prepared for the journey with you.    

Now what do I desire as a Homebuyer:  Share those thoughts with your agent.  With this, they will determine the “best home search,” be it in person or as mentioned above. 

~*Affordable price to mortgage (referring to the pre~approval)*

~ Move in condition, Aka “Turn Key”

~ Rehabilitation 

~ Size for the number of individuals to occupy the resi-dence

~ Number of bedrooms,baths and other spaces 

~ Location : conveniences, education,medical facili-ties,employment etc.

These are just a few desires I’ve listed and I am sure there are more for each purchaser.

“Be Prepared, Have Realistic Goals and Enjoy the Journey”

“Be Safe and stay Focused”

” It’s A Great Time to Market & Locate a New Home “

Hawwao Wajed / Real Estate Salesperson~Notary 

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