Since You’ve Been Away…

Story and Photos by A. Dorcely

I don’t want to make a habit of this. But perhaps I’m developing my own style. What am i speaking of? My last article started with a lyric from a song. This unfortunately for those who are not music fans is starting almost in the same fashion. I’m not ashamed to say it. This time I did a little research on this lyric that came to me. I had been racking my brain for a way to get this article drafted(no pun intended). 

“Since You’ve Been Away” starts a Black Queen’s song. That Queen being Diana Ross. The song being Missing You. How is this all connected to basketball?

Well first I must say it is apparent that the NBA is missing you. But you haven’t had a chance to be away long and the NBA players will not have a chance to be away from the court long either. As always though if you’ve become a fan of my writing you know it is customary for me to wish you and your family much health and strength as our numbers start to take a turn for the worst. 

Now back to our basketball chatter. 

LaMelo Ball, 3rd pick in 2020 NBA draft chosen by the Hornets at Villa Maria.
Jordan Nwora from Buffalo taken #45 in the Second Round by Milwaukee 
Cole Anthony taken 15th overall in the 2020 NBA draft by Orlando.

With the season ending a short while ago. Sunday, October 11th to be exact. It appears the new season will begin on December 22nd right before Christmas. Preseason is slated for December 11th through the 19th. No word on whether or not this will be another “Bubble Season”.

But in the meantime we’re being stuffed like a turkey. The NBA draft occurred Wednesday, November 19. A couple of Western New York guys were drafted (from Buffalo Jordan Nwora and from Rochester Isaiah Stewart). The draft in itself can be hit or miss. You can potentially miss out on the next NBA Hall of Famer( I hope you caught what I did there). The first three picks were interchangeable. LaMelo Ball the third pick being the highly touted of them all with a brother chosen 2nd in the 2017 draft. They’re the only brothers to ever go top five. His family is also well known throughout social media circles.

As I started writing we were in the midst of a lot of teams getting ready to sing the aforementioned Diana Ross song because of free agency. Several players are on the move with little time to get settled in their new homes and to get prepared for an upcoming season. So once again since you’ve been away many players have changed jerseys. There’s not enough room in our paper to indicate all of the transactions though. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that other NBA stars have received lucrative extensions to continue playing for their current teams.

Lastly, the Toronto Raptors, the team I consider to be Western New York’s current NBA team,  has decided to make a temporary move to Tampa due to the Pandemic. Obviously, making it a little tougher for me to cover their games. With that being said there’s much being missed this holiday season. But most of all is family and friends because our best prevention from the spreading of Covid is said to be absenteeism. 

As for the song Missing You it was dedicated to the absence of Marvin Gaye who had died tragically. How ironic the remedy to prevent tragedies now is staying away!