BUYBLACKWNY.COM A Growing Digital Magazine Providing Access Black Businesses in Buffalo is a site that will feature an interactive magazine that contains videos, photos and interactive links to websites of Black businesses that operate in the WNY area. The online component is most important as Covid continues to threaten the livelihoods of Black business owners and e-commerce may be the only way their business can continue. 

Their intention is to build bridges between the Black communities across WNY to create a more dynamic and definitive relationship across the municipalities as well as help them digitize their business operations so that they can continue to service their customers during Covid-19 restrictions.

This digital publication will be updated constantly and will contain stories of the entrepreneurs behind the enterprises.

One of the driving forces behind the launch of this platform is to highlight Black Creatives in music, art, literature and Black owned media companies. Musicians, artists and authors are often forgotten about and during these difficult times we must continue to support the arts.

The website launch started same time the Buy Black Buffalo Week begins to help support this inaugural event that will provide a much needed boost to Black owned businesses in Buffalo. The intention is to provide a steady source of promotion for Black owned businesses in WNY after the week ends especially as we near Christmas.  

 There will be a toy give away with Kente Claus so follow online at instagram to find out more. 

To be listed contact or call  Theresa Land – 716-444-2179  Dewitt Lee – 716-294-790