The Unified Body of Christ: Bringing Denominations Together For Food Giveaway, Prayer and to Dispel A Longstanding Myth

Apostle Eugene Holiday says the Lord put in his spirit  to go to the forefathers and bring together Church Of God in Christ, the Baptist Assoc., Pentecostal, and Catholic Associations and the Jewish Rabi Community  to bring prayer to the community and to distribute boxes of food to families in this heightened time of need. 

Over the past two weekends at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Best Street the Unified Body of Christ and peacemakers have distributed 1,800 boxes of food to the community, feeding roughly 1,800 families.

With a very organized line of cars down Jefferson awaiting to pull up pop the trunk and received food and blessings, Holiday also said the mission of this  effort is to diminish the misconception that the churches are divided. 

“It’s One Body, One Christ, One Baptism and we can’t display any longer being separate because the community loses faith and respect for us when we don’t have respect for each other and demonstrate the wrong thing.” said Holiday.

You can find out about the next food giveaway by calling  716 903-9202 and you can also go to  the Johnny B. Wiley or Stop The Violence Coalition Face Book Pages.