Mayor Warren, Chief Herriott-Sullivan Announce Gun Violence Reduction Efforts

Mayor Lovely A. Warren and Interim Police Chief Cynthia Herriott-Sullivan today announced a gun violence reduction effort, including increased patrols in violence hotspots, expanded dispute resolution intervention and an enhanced partnership to track the source of illegal guns. The plan is in effect immediately. 

“The level of violence on our streets is unacceptable,” said Mayor Warren. “Today, our city is taking action. We will expand police patrols in our most violent areas and our increase our efforts to end disputes before they escalate. We will also give extra attention to ways that illegal guns are entering our community and ramp up our efforts to close those pipelines down. And, we will provide resources for our teens and young adults to give them more opportunities and help them build positive relationships to prevent disputes before they start.” 

The anti-violence effort will expand the staffing of the Pathways-to-Peace program to provide an additional 120 hours of weekly outreach and increases the program’s hours until 3 a.m., Thursdays through Saturdays. Beginning this weekend, the Roxie Sinkler R-Center, 75 Grover St., will be open from 7 p.m. to midnight, providing programming including basketball, e-sports/gaming and other activities aimed at preventing disputes among teens and young adults. 

The Avenue D R-Center, 200 Ave. D, will soon expand its hours and provide similar services to residents on the eastside.

Mask Distribution to Local Businesses 

In addition to announcing the Gun Violence Reduction effort, Mayor Warren announced today that the staff of the City’s Neighborhood and Business Development Department began distributing 137,000 masks to nearly 1,400 businesses.