Introducing All Things Kingdom! Keeping God at The Forefront of Our Minds

All Things Kingdom is a conglomerate of young brand owners, service providers, and creatives coming together to promote the vast diversity in the ways of working for the Kingdom of God. “ATK” was founded by Kimera Lattimore, a local singer, songwriter, speaker and creative.  She believes she was created to speak the Good News in her own creative way as inspired by her personal life.

All Things Kingdom, though locally founded, is nationally inclusive and expands beyond the walls of Western New York. Under the umbrella of “ATK” you can find everything from your next upcoming artist to the essential needs of hair, teaching, magazines, and mechanics. 

ATK’s  mission is to provide every service and art needed in our communities and abroad. 

To learn how to become a brand ambassador and for more information about “ATK” please go to

Says Lattimore, “We’re living in an era where it’s important for us to keep the Kingdom of God at the forefront of our minds. At ‘ATK’ we do that by committing all our gifts and abilities to the Kingdom.”#AllThingsKingdom