G. O. A. T. Talk!

story and photo by A. Dorcely 

“Last name Ever, first name Greatest”, is a line by the rap artist Drake. But I’ll comeback to that. Wait for it!! The other shoe to drop that is.

I know for me the words uttered by the GREATEST with regards to leadership, skills , being brash and trash talking to where he named himself such was the one and only GOAT, Muhammad Ali. But the end of the NBA basketball season has sparked a conversation that we need to delve into. I’ll take a pause now to wish all of you and yours health and strength as we continue to battle Covid. Also, please VOTE!!! 

Now back to our regular scheduled programming.

LeBron James and the Lakers were able to claim the Bubble Championship for the 2019-2020 NBA season. With that victory “The Chosen One” as he was referred to on that famous cover of Sports Illustrated while in high school is once again being discussed in the same breath as his Airness, Michael. Arguments to spirited banter has arisen between me and my friends as well as all over media airwaves. People have taken up their picket signs and are on opposite sides of the isle campaigning for your vote and trying to convince you to switch up alliances. Old vs. young, those who sparingly watch basketball and avid fans all putting in their two sense. 

Who’s the GOAT?

The King or MJ??? What say you? Are we talking about rings? Maybe bringing up stats or even accolades as well as teammates that they’ve played with and teams they’ve played against. If not that then how about including on and off the court influence within their respective communities. The Greatest Of All Time! What a title to hold? Some say you can’t have one GOAT. Each era has it’s own. Some make the case that this person could not play in this time of basketball because the rules were and are different. Ali was the Greatest Of All Time when he said he was to some and still is to others regardless of statistics. 

One thing I can state to be factual is that without Jordan there would be no LeBron. And by the way I don’t appreciate how Kobe Bryant is left out of the conversation. As LeBron continues to climb the precipice of greatness he seems to be on the same flight pattern as “Air 23”.

Only time will tell if he will catch him and ascend the thrown of the BEST to ever do it. By the way the song I referred to in the beginning is titled Forever and it was on the soundtrack of the movie which tells the story of LeBron and his childhood teammates that become family.

The movie was called More Than A Game.

Will the King become more than the GOAT?