Freedom Garden’s Facebook Page Is Public And Active!

We are pleased to announce that our Freedom Garden’s facebook page is public and active. Please go to the links below to view and share with your facebook community to grow Buffalo Freedom Gardens facebook page and Instagram page

(Also linked below). BuffaloFreedomGarden buffalofreedomgardens

When you visit our Facebook page you will learn about the freedom garden family, the numerous volunteers, and our funders and supporters.

Our Instagram page has useful information for those who love to garden in an urban setting.

*Please contact us at yourfreedomgardens@ with comments, questions, and any other inquires.

Thank you for making freedom gardens a success! Sincerely, Gail V. Wells, Founder, Freedom Gardens Maisha Copeland, Marketing, Freedom Gardens Dasia R. Brewer, Freedom Gardens Facebook Administrator Leah Hamilton, Freedom Gardens Videographer