Fillmore Avenue is Black Lives Matter Way

 Fillmore Avenue, located in the heart of the African American community, has been designated as Black Lives Matter Way. 

The Buffalo Common Council voted unanimously last Tuesday to place “Black Lives Matter” trailblazing signs at every main intersection along the 4.5 mile length of Fillmore from Main to Smith Street. 

Fillmore Avenue was selected through a public poll posted on the Council’s Facebook page. 

The campaign to designate a street in Buffalo after the Black Lives Matter Movement started after a High School Student sent a letter to Council President Pridgen asking if he could paint Black Lives Matter onto a street. Council President Darius Pridgen called the designation “the right thing to do.” 

Millard Fillmore, this nation’s 13th president, signed into law the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 designed to end Northern interference in the capture and return of runaway enslaved Africans to their Southern owners.