Disaster Preparedness Neighborhood Training

Along with this Disaster Preparedness Neighborhood Training series there are numerous services and resources available for residents at www.caowny.org and www.buffalony.gov  where users can also find additional disaster preparedness tips and guidelines.

The Community Action Organization of WNY along with the Community Disaster Awareness Team will be presenting a live virtual Disaster Preparedness Neighborhood Training Pt 2 on Friday November 20 at 12p.m. via live video conference, along with community partners; the Division of Citizen Services, the Good Neighbors Network, The Masten Block Club Coalition, The Fruit Belt Neighborhood Land Trust, Muhammad Mosque #23, and the Fillmore Business District Association.  Some areas that this training will cover are: Responding to biological, chemical, and radiation emergencies, emergency sanitation and hygiene, emergency evacuation, emergency go-bag, shelter-in-place  and vehicle list, and family emergency planning.

With the recent increase and severity of natural disasters, and the devastation from the Covid-19 pandemic, we have learned that we always need more preparation.  This virtual training will equip Block Clubs & Organizations with guidelines for Disaster Preparedness for their members, residents, and neighbors. We are urging all community organizations to look out for our seniors and our most vulnerable members to help prepare for severe conditions that are very likely to get worse.  Past events such as Hurricane Katrina in 2005, have shown us that it is usually the most vulnerable, and the poor who are caught unaware and unprepared.  Our aim is to organize block by block, and organization by organization, all within a “Good Neighbor Network,” to help our members store food and water, and necessary supplies, in the event that we may have to shelter in place for longer than we may have expected. 

State and local governments have been told by the federal government, that they are on their own to plan, organize, and mobilize to prepare themselves; especially with regard to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  

Participants can log in to the Disaster Preparedness Training on 11/20/20 at 12p.m. by clicking the link: https://atteetrial1.webex.com/meet/citizenservices