Baskin and Johnson Ensure Our Community’s Veterans Are Not Forgotten

Erie County Legislators April N. M. Baskin and Howard Johnson ensured that local veterans received the honor they are due this year. Baskin, the Jesse Clipper American Legion Post and the African American Cultural Center hosted a free Veteran’s Day Drive-Up Breakfast at the Northland Workforce Training Center, and Johnson worked with community veterans, Boy Scouts and Councilmember Mitch Nowakowski to mark the graves of veterans at Concordia Cemetery.

 “As we thank all soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guardsmen for their selfless service to America, I want to highlight our nation’s Black and Brown veterans,” said Baskin.     

“These brave souls have served and sacrificed on our behalf, even as their contributions were often minimized and denigrated. I want to highlight the contributions of Kanasha Blue to the breakfast. I had the honor of submitting the legislative resolution appointing Kanasha as the very first Black Female Veteran to serve on the Buffalo & Erie County Naval Park Board of Directors earlies this year. Thank you all.”

 “As a veteran, I was an honored to be part of the ceremony at Concordia Cemetery,” noted Legislator Johnson. “I want to thank AmVets Post #24, and the Boy Scouts for inviting me. It was truly humbling to see the many flags covering our historic cemetery.