Afro-American Historical Association;Dr. Monroe Fordham Speaker Series To Present Marcus DuBois Watson Ph.D

The Afro-American Historical Association of the Niagara Frontier (AAHANF)  Dr. Monroe Fordham Speaker Series will present a virtual lecture by Macus DuBois Watson Ph.D titled Welcome to My World: A Biographical Perspective on Criss-Crossing the African Diaspora on  December 7  at 6 p.m.  A question and answer segment will follow the talk.

Dr. Watson is assistant professor of Africana Studies and Individualized Studies at SUNY Buffalo State. His research focuses on international development, digital technology, and social activism in South Africa, Ghana, and the United States. He    has developed a critical theory called “half-connecting,” which helps to explain the paradoxes of Western modernity from a Black Psychology perspective. 

Dr. Marcus DuBois Watson is a City Honors graduate. His undergraduate studies were at SUNY Brockport. He holds a Master’s and Ph.D in Cultural Anthropology from Cornell University. He achieved tenure and promotion at the University of Wyoming before returning to Buffalo. Dr. Watson has lived for over seven years on the African continent including a Peace Corps assignment in South Africa.

 W.C. Brandy is the president of the AAHANF Association.

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Webex Meeting  6p.m. December 7