A Victory for The Soul of America

“The American people have chosen decency over dysfunction, fact over fiction, truth over lies and empathy over cruelty. .. opportunities … lie ahead for America – from fixing a broken healthcare system, to repairing global alliances, to addressing wealth inequality and corrosive racial bias. “

The above quote was part of a promo to urge readers to support an international news outlet. But it could not have been more on point and more truthful in regards to America’s current state of affairs in the wake of a presidential election that will be remembered as one of the most crucial in history, and the pivotal role the Black vote played in its outcome.

Black people voted for President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris in record numbers, leading America in the winning direction; proof that the power of the Black vote is undeniable. For starters, Mr. Biden would not have even won the democratic nomination to run for president had it not been for Majority Whip Rep. Clyburn of South Carolina, the most powerful and influential Black politician in the state, who gave Biden his endorsement. The result, Black South Carolinians gave Biden a massive landslide victory that made him the consensus nominee.

Then Clyburn went a step further and privately urged Biden to pick a Black woman as his running mate. Biden ultimately choose Harris.

-The Abrams Factor-

Then there was the Abrams factor. One columnist wrote – “Joe Biden can thank Stacey Abrams for his lead in Georgia.” As Georgia still counts ballots to determine if Joe Biden or Donald Trump wins the state, Biden has the lead, flipping Georgia to possibly turn blue for the first time in nearly three decades. A major reason for the shift has to do with former state representative and voting rights advocate Abrams who started the movement to turn Georgia into a blue state. After her failed bid for governor in 2018, Abrams formed the nonprofit Fair Fight to help combat voter suppression within Georgia and increase voter registration in marginalized communities, moves that made the state potentially lean more Democratic, giving Biden an edge.

-The Black Vote:

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due- While a projected 161 million Americans voted in the 2020 presidential election, more than at any other time in American history, Black voters are “taking a well earned victory lap,” having led Biden and Harris to victory. Early exit polls estimate that 91% of African American women voted for Biden and Harris. Black men gave them 80% of their votes…. again, ushering the Biden-Harris ticket to an historic win.

Can Court Challenges to the Vote Count Flip the Election and Make Trump the Winner?

Some Democratic voters are nervous — and some Republican voters, are hopeful —that somehow court challenges to the vote count will make President Trump the winner. According to Amber Phillips of The Washington Post, that is highly unlikely.


She writes: •The Trump campaign is running out of time to stop ballots from being counted and so far hasn’t succeeded in any court case to do so. Even if they did stop counting, it’s not clear what they’d get out of it. Even without the few outstanding states, Biden has already won the 270 electoral votes needed.

•The Trump campaign has yet to provide evidence of fraud to overturn results. And they have shared no evidence of the kind of widespread fraud that would overturn an election by tens of thousands of votes in several states. That’s what they’d need to prove to win, and proving it would mean they’ve uncovered a historic, unprecedented level of corruption in America.

•A recount is expected in at least Georgia, possibly the closest state of all, where Biden is leading by almost 10,700 votes (at this writing). There could be other recounts. But recounts typically change hundreds of votes, not thousands.

NOTE: The New York Times reported this week that it called election officials in every state. The result – no irregularities or evidence of the president and his allies baseless false claims of Voter Fraud that affected the election outcome.