What’s In A Name? In New Ruling  Police Are No Longer  Required To Display Their Names On Their Uniforms

Dear Editor:

According to a  new ruling in the City of Buffalo,   police officers are no longer required to display their names on their uniforms. Citizens   can only identify them by their badge number. 

The change came at the direction of   Police Commissioner  and mayoral appointment Byron  Lockwood. The  leadership in the Police Union said he was pleased that the city administration is “looking out for the officers.” So who’s looking out for the citizens?The  Buffalo Common Council had to approve this new ruling.    

Police officers took an oath of office and swore to protect and serve the citizens of the community in which they work. Citizens are still required by law to show their ID with our name on it to police officers, when asked to do so.

The reasoning behind the change is  that reportedly about a dozen police claim  they have been “doxed” and their private and other contact information circulated on social media. They are also claims that officers and their family members have received threats. Why would any one threaten  “Officer Friendly?” If an officer is doing no wrong and showing respect it seems he should have nothing to worry about. On the other hand if the police decide to use excessive, abusive, even life threatening, force, we need a name!

I believe this is an infringement on our rights under the Constitution and the civil rights of citizens to  have to identify a police officer by their badge number.

I’m praying that this ruling is challenged in the New York State Supreme Court by one lawyer or a group of lawyers. 

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-Samuel A. Herbert