Seven Contemplations a New Exhibit on View at  Albright Knox Northland  

(pictured above is Thalassa a large sculpture part of the new show Seven Contemplations at Albright Knox)

Taking things that already exist and turning them into something new requires vision a great collaboration and that’s what NYC based artist Caledonia Curry also known as Swoon has done with Albright Knox Public Art Curator Aaron Ott for her solo show Seven Contemplations at Albright Northland Gallery.

Artist Caledonia Curry aka Swoon in front of the base of her work titled Tree of Life during the install of her current show Seven Contemplations at Albright Knox Northland

The artist has filled the main room with seven of her preexisting large scale sculptural artworks putting them to healing use. The works include, Dawn and Gemma (birth), Memento Mori (death), Medea (fear and suffering), Cicada (flow, transformation, healing), Tree of Life ( that which is given without reason),  Cosmos (awe)  and the well know and loved Thalassa, (primordial self) pictured above. She is a heroic sculpture from 2011 where the figure is seen rising from the water, representing a  mythological spirit of the sea, that some years ago could be seen in  a wheat-paste medium on the streets of NYC.  “I love old stories that you can tell over and over again in different ways”said the artist last week, while putting the finishing touches on the show just before opening day. 

For a deeper experience while viewing the show, Seven Contemplations combines these sculptural icons with a meditation and contemplation practice to accompany each work, adding a point of focus for the viewers gaze and thoughts during their interaction with each piece. Along with the sculptures Swoon has also installed her first stop-motion piece that can seen in a customized viewing room in the back of the gallery. 

The artists goal is to create an empathetic space for contemplating both personal and community healing journeys and hopes the show will  have a positive impact in the lives of her audience during these challenging times. 

The show also includes virtual engagements so check the gallery website for schedule. 

Admission to Albright-Knox Northland located at 612 Northland is always Pay What You Wish.

GO to to view courtesy codes as well make reservations for your visit (due to covid there is capacity limit)

Please wear a mask for entry.

Show on view til January 10, 2021.