New Mural : LOVE BLACK Wajed’s Message Is Loud and Clear

Artist Edreys Wajed’s LOVE BLACK mural is a powerful stance addressing racial justice and the imbalances that are very present today for Black men and women.  Wajed and artist James “Yames” Moffitt produced the LOVE BLACK mural as a collaboration. To call it timely would be an understatement.  Wajed challenges the disconnect between the assumption that children including Black children are essentially innocent while as adults they can be racially stigmatized as dangerous and underserving of love and just treatment – told that their lives do not matter often with deadly results. Beyond the powerful statement the placement of this mural amplifies the messaging as it can be seen be any and every walk of life at 712 Main St. downtown Buffalo.  The mural was supported by AK Public Art Initiative in close collaboration with Say Yes and Clover Group.  You can find this art collaboration on apparel items located on We encourage you to drop by to see it live!  Photograph by Brenda Bieger