Mayor Warren Appoints Herriott-Sullivan Interim Chief of Police Also Names Two New Command Staff Members

Mayor Lovely A. Warren has  appointed   Cynthia Herriott-Sullivan as the new Interim Chief of the Rochester Police Department (RPD).  Herriott-Sullivan, a former RPD Lieutenant who continuously rose through the Department’s ranks until her retirement in 2009, will be the first female to hold the Police Chief’s position in the history of the Rochester Police Department.  She will assume her new role effective October 14, 2020. 

Cynthia Herriott is a Law Enforcement Expert with years of experience in the field of Criminal Justice – driven community problem-solving.    She serves as chair of Unite Rochester Justice Engagement, an initiative that examines the existence of racial disparity in the criminal justice process.

“I am extremely pleased to announce my selection of Cynthia Herriott-Sullivan as the City’s Interim Police Chief,” said Mayor Lovely Warren.  “As a former RPD Officer who served with distinction for many years, I am convinced that Ms. Herriott-Sullivan is the perfect person to fill this position at this particular time.  She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the job, and through her previous service, has proven that she cares deeply for the well-being of our community and our citizens.  As the first woman to serve in this role, I am confident she will bring a different perspective and instill a fresh approach to policing, which are very much needed in our city at this particular time.”

During the announcement, Ms. Herriott-Sullivan expressed her commitment to Rochester and her desire to work with others to improve police/community relations.

“I love this city,” Herriott-Sullivan stated.  “I was born and raised in Rochester and am the proud daughter of Henry and Rosanna Herriott. I am a woman of faith who believes strongly in problem-solving that involves developing sustainable solutions through collaborations and partnerships. These are difficult times for the  City of Rochester, and other communities as well. I will do my best to put my experience and commitment to good use in helping Rochester move forward. We will all need to bring our best to the table. Let’s work together and get it done.”

Herriott-Sullivan has been employed at Rochester Housing Authority (RHA) since 2016, originally working in the areas of compliance, diversity, inclusion and public safety.  

In addition to selecting a new Interim Chief of Police, Mayor Warren also announced the appointment of two new members to the RPD Command Staff. RPD Captain Gabriel Person has been promoted to Deputy Chief of Operations.               

Additionally, RPD Officer Moses Robinson will be promoted to a position in the Chief’s office to work in Community Engagement and Violence Reduction as part of a team that is currently being assembled.

Officer Robinson has been a member of the Rochester Police Department since 1985.  

“It’s time for our community to heal,” said Officer Robinson.  “And we can heal through restorative justice, law enforcement reform and by bridging the gaps that exist.  I look forward to working with our community partners to help make this happen.”