“Keying into Your Dream Home “Peaceful Greetings to Our Community

You are now all “Pre~Approved” and have connected with your “Real Estate Agent” of choice.  The next exciting phase is a one-on-one “Buyer Consultation” with your Agent who will guide you to a successful home purchase!  Make sure all of the parties of the purchase are present on the day of the appointment.  Of course in person is best, however, technology is our “New 2020” go to for convenience purposes.  Many of us have dreams and ideas already about the home we’d love and desire to own.

The Consultation:

~The agent will discuss and enroll your information on the realtors, “Multiple Listing System” ~ Buffalo National Association of Realtors( BNAR) Website.” You will receive properties that are currently on the market for sale.  With your email, name, zip code(s) of locations and most of all, the price range, alerts will be received by you each day.  It’s best to reach your agent soon to view homes in person / open houses that interest you.  Most homes  are selling quickly.  

~ As a reminder: minimize all unnecessary purchases, which will affect your credit score during this time 

~ Your Agent should have a copy of the Pre~Approval in order to submit with your offer.  Negotiation of the terms on your offer is between the sellers listing agent and your agent.  For sure your agent will do their utmost best! 

~ Multiple offers:  there is a potential that other buyers are ready to purchase the same home you have selected.  If this does occur, be prepared to “bid comfortably” at and over the listed price. In this market, sufficient funds on hand would be great.

~Of course during Covid19, all Agents are mindful of the health precautions  regarding access to homes.  Appointments are made, then approved by the sellers listing agent. The sellers listing agent must state in the private remarks any safety measures with regards to entering the property. This will include wearing masks and a limited number of people entering the property.

~ Soft suggestion:  inquire with your agent if you can request a “pre~inspection of the home” immediately after viewing.  Keep in mind offers may be coming in during this time. 

~After you win the “Bid”, the process of connecting with your Loan Officer comes next.

Be Safe and Stay Focused 

” It’s A Great Time to Market & Locate a New Home “

Hawwao Wajed / Real Estate Salesperson~Notary

askhawa@kw.com / 716~867~4377 Cell