George Radney Sports Around the World Update

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers on winning NBA Championship in dominate fashion over the Miami Heat.  LeBron James is well deserving of his 4th MVP Award and Championship. I have never seen a pro athlete in any sport play so many consecutive games without injury. This was LeBron’s 17th season and we have seen him participate in the NBA Championship series ever since 2010 with 2019 being the only year his team missed playing for the title.  That’s truly remarkable and his durability will probably not be seen again in our lifetime. We have not seen a Black Superstar player support Black causes and has Black men surrounded around him in business.     LeBron James is about his people and we should rejoice in his social conciseness.

-NFL Season-

This NFL season is an artificial campaign with the offense dominating over defenses with no audiences or small enough crowds to not make a difference. NFL defenses have been hampered by not having a live audience at the games and has resulted with the average combined scores of games at 51 points.  It’s very similar to the NBA scoring was very high with their combines scoring over 200 points per game. I would not sign Josh Allen to an extension until after next season once fans are allowed back into stadiums at full capacity. It’s a different game with live audience effecting snap counts and offensive players sometimes jumping off sides (illegal procedure). The 2020 NFL season will go down in history for many reasons however, being fair and concerned about football players health is not one of them.

Bills v. Titans game should be moved to end of season instead of sending a team to a City of Hot Bed COVID – 19 to play a football game on a Tuesday night. It’s a MONEY GRAB by NFL owners trying their best to save as much TV money as possible without regard to players health. The NFL is an owner driven league, and players are not paid if a game is cancelled. All other major sports players are still paid if a game is cancelled and they have guaranteed contracts. National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) must do a better job of representing the players on critical life and health issues.

-Major League Baseball-

Major League Baseball (MLB) is having a successful bubble type playoff with Houston Astros v. Tampa Bay Rays and LA Dodgers v. Atlanta Braves. Both series are being played at neutral sites. During the 60-game regular season MLB had teams get dressed at their hotels, come to stadium and play games and immediately after return to their hotels to shower and change. That’s keeping players as safe as possible during this COVID – 19 Season. I like Tampa winning the American League pennant in six games with plenty of strong pitching from their starters and relivers. Tampa Bay can find talented players and this year was no exception with Cuban star outfielder Randy Arozarena coming over to Tampa Bay in a January 2020 trade with the St. Louis Cardinals.

I see Tampa Bay facing LA Dodgers in the Fall Classic.  Dodgers are loaded with the addition of Mookie Betts from a trade with Boston and the wealth of talent from their farm system like Cody Bellinger, Justin Turner, and Max Muncy will be tough to beat. Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts is long overdue to win a pennant with the fully loaded roster and I think they will defeat the Rays in 6 games. My hats off to Houston Astro’s Manager Dusty Baker for getting his team turned around from a mediocre start and surviving the cheating scandal from last season to being in position to win another Championship.

Congrats to Quinton Byfield, Center on being drafted number 2 overall by LA Kings in 2020 NHL Draft. The highest ranking drafted Black hockey player in the history of the NHL; Only Evander Kane and Seth Jones were both selected 4ths overall in their respective draft class.

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