Coalition of Concerned Citizens Seek Justice: Demand Officers in Morgan Eaton Case Be Fired!

On  October 7, an emergency press conference was called at 25 Delaware demanding that  Erie County District Attorney John Flynn charge the officers involved in the March 2020 Morgan Eaton case – Officers Andrew Moffet & John Davidson.  Also that he releases Cortez Foster. DA Flynn has never prosecuted an officer that’s committed a crime against a Minority. 

The officers are caught on camera committing perjury and  tampering with evidence. This occurred seven  months ago. The Buffalo Police had the footage  and  the negative lab results since April but the district attorneys office continued to pressure Eaton into taking a plea, although they were aware what was on the video. It took the reform from the Coalition of Concerned Citizens to demand the footage be released, which it was the last week of June when they did. Almost four  months after the arrest. Once the video was released all charges were dismissed for the vaginal suppositories he was charged for,  claiming by the officers to be cocaine.  

These officers have been suspended for 30 days without pay. We the community are asking these officers be fired and  charged accordingly for arresting Mr. Eaton and  charging him with a felony.

This case shines a bigger picture on  how hungry some of these officers are for overtime. They are willing to ruin a man’s life with felony drug trafficking charges. Prior to this  Morgan Eaton   only had minor traffic infractions on his record. If asked by an employer Mr. Eaton will always have to disclose the felony arrest even though the charges were dismissed. Not to mention him loosing a paid basketball coaching position or the fact he was on mobile patrol & labeled a drug dealer. Mr. Eaton has been coaching the youth in Buffalo for 15 years and  had a non profit he started seven years ago called Sports Unlimited Inc. of Buffalo, which is funded through his own money  and  his own fund raising efforts. The fact that a community member can once again be violated by these bad officers and  they still have not charged these men seven  months later is outrageous! 

Tampering with evidence and perjury are both felony charges that both officers should be charged with. As can be seen from the 9min video footage, Officer Andrew Moffet puts the negative test of the vaginal pills in his pocket & never submits it into evidence or with the report. John Davidson Swears on his report under perjury the pills were cocaine. LT. Mark Ambellan co-signed everything. 

They tried to ruin Mr. Eaton’s life over made up charges and overtime which John Davidson has a history of. Currently Cortez Foster has been sitting in jail since January awaiting grand jury because of the false charges from Officer John Davidson, the same officer. It has been pushed back due to the investigation of officer Davidson. 

Three  Black men have three  claims of three  different stories to internal affairs cases against Davidson for perjury (all outlined in the Buffalo News article written by Matt Spina.) 

Cortez Foster’s entire case depends on the testimony of a perjurer! This man should be set free. They have pushed back the grand jury from last week until this week while they look into claims regarding Davidson’s perjury! The fact he has been suspended gives them the answers they were waiting for. Mr. Foster has had to sit in jail under covid conditions. This case needs to be dismissed in it’s entirety as everything they are relying on is dependent upon Davidson who has proven to lie and produce drugs on reports that are not actually there. 

In July 2019 Mr. Foster saved Mayor Byron Browns son from a car that flipped over & almost caught on fire   but his letters and  pleas to the mayor  over  the past 9 months have not been returned. 

Wednesday the Community showed up to demand that John Flynn charges these officers.