John Walker and Darryl Boyd are fighting an extraordinary battle to clear their names for a murder they had nothing to do with decades ago. Last Saturday  Walker, Boyd and a host of supporters including  We Are Women Warriors activists Betty Jean Grant and her daughter Sherry Sherill, returned to THE SCENE  OF THE CRIME THE MEN   HAD NOTHING TO WITH on Fillmore Avenue across from the Golden Nugget  Inn.  The work that they’ve done on their case is beyond impressive. Had their lives not been cut short at the tender age of 1 6 with wrongful imprisonment who knows what either may have become? 

They presented more evidence as proof of their innocence last weekend   as they read from a 1976 confidential police report – yet another piece of evidence they say was withheld from them that could have saved them decades ago, and that will hopefully help their fight for freedom today.

“On 1/8/76 the Buffalo homicide detectives knew without a shadow of a doubt that we did not have anything to do with that (murder)” declared  Boyd .

After presenting their case,  Vickey Ross  of the Peace Center summed up the rally with these words; ‘THEY HAD NO PROOF THAT YOU DID IT. ABSOLUTE PROOF THAT YOU DID NOT.  AND AFTER ALL THESE  YEARS   THEY ARE STILL STONWALLING YOU…!”   You can support the Buffalo 5 in their fight for justice with your presence at their next rally .

Also with an online  donation to https://GoFundMe.Com/Justice-For-The-Buffalo-5 and search the phrase 41-413.

Also please sign the Change.Org Petition supporting the Buffalo 5 at Https://Change.Org/JusticeForTheBuffalo5