The Wakanda Alliance Presents A Tribute The King!

On September 12, starting at 12:30 pm The Galactic Tribe and Wakanda Alliance presents “A Tribute to a King” Remembering  Chadwick Boseman.

The Wakanda Alliance program is designed  to inspire youth reimagine, envision, and make a reality the unity of the African Diaspora using Afrofuturism as a vehicle.  As the Alliance processes the shock of Boseman’s passing, they continue to push through to celebrate their inspiration who on the heels of his role of T’Challa in the box-office hit Black Panther inspired its’s founders to create the program.

The Galactic Tribe and Wakanda Alliance invites the community to join them on Sept. 12 for a tribute via ZOOM to hear from Chadwick Boseman’s fans from around the world expressing their love for what he left them to carry on! 

Follow them online and  on social media @thewakandaalliance on Instagram