The Life of Rick James and His Brother: A New Mini-Series Project for Addison Henderson and LeRoi Johnson is Official!

At the kick off of the BABJ’s Inaugural Black Film Series filmmaker Addison Henderson did a brief press screening of his award winning feature film G.O.D. Givers of Death that premiers Thursday, September 24 at the Transit Drive-In for one night only. 

 Just before the film Henderson received top notch nods  from BABJ president Madison Carter who called him  “a true visionary,”; Mayor Brown who noted him as “an ambassador of film in Buffalo”;  and   film commissioner Tim Clark confirmed  “Addison is truly a hometown guy…who always has Buffalo in his heart.”    

All the hometown love for the filmmaker was followed by an official announcement that he and LeRoi Johnson, the brother of Rick James, have  teamed up to tell the story of the two brothers in a scripted seven-part narrative mini series Brothers Keeper. 

Despite many  producers who have tried, this is the first story that Johnson could not be more thrilled to finally co-sign, granting the rights to Henderson to do the story. “ It wasn’t a tough decision to decide on Addison, we have a lot of things in common, we both have a love for Buffalo, he’s very strong in what he does, and in addition to that he has a lot of drive and quality in what he does,”  said LeRoi.

The mini-series will have a twist and tell the true story of the Brother’s and how they came to be. 

“ I think people need to know what was behind the scenes with Rick, his family , people in business …and how Buffalo influenced Rick,” said his brother LeRoi Johnson. He said     he’s gone through a lot of producers over the years and feels Addison, who wanted to do this project 15 years ago unbeknownst to Johnson,  is the best choice for the project, “ Addison and I are on the same page of what the narrative is… he’s got the talent to direct and produce this project,” Johnson  emphasized, “I’m the glue for Rick James, there’s nobody in this town or on the planet that knows more about my brother than I do… Addison and I are going to be partners in this all the way. ” 

The filmmaker plans to bring the production to Buffalo, “The energy I get from here carries me on to the stratosphere and that’s where me and LeRoi are going with this project right here in Buffalo. We’re going to the moon.” Johnson quickly chimed in , “round trip!” …Proof that bringing it home is well worth the trip.  

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