The Galactic Tribe Honors Chadwick Boseman: Wakanda Forever!

pictured above are some of the Galactic Tribe’s Wakanda Alliance Members : Back Row l/rDQ Grant – Da’ Von L McCune -Richie Wills Front Row l/r LaToya Johnson – Anthony M. Pierce- Nathaly Hernandez – Geovaira Hernandez – Jonathan De La Cruz  photo A. Dorcely

The following statement is from the Galactic Tribe)

The Wakanda Alliance Program  sends our condolences, thoughts and prayers to the Boseman family during this time of transition. 

Wakanda Alliance was birthed, out of the release of the historic Black Panther film and created in order to build the community of the African Diaspora using the framework of Afrofuturism. Our purpose is to reimagine, envision, and make reality the unity of the African Diaspora using Afrofuturism as a vehicle. We are the kings, queens, and warriors we need.

We process the shock of Chadwick Boseman’s passing with a heavy heart, as this news adds to an already extremely challenging year for our people. We choose to uplift his life and legacy as our tears of sadness are also tears of joy, pride, and deep gratitude. Chadwick was and continues to be a true hero, battling cancer while continuing to battle for our freedoms on and off the big screen. We salute him for his strengths and grace, and though we were unable to meet him in person during his time on Earth, we are thankful to eternally connect with his spirit through his work. Though Chadwick Boseman has transitioned to becoming an ancestor he continues to be a guide whose shoulders we stand on and whose story we continue to tell, and create. Like the Avengers, his actions have assembled us to work towards black liberation, healing, representation and futures.

Chadwick Boseman as King T’Challa of Wakanda in the epic Marvel Film Black Panther who recently passed due to a long battle with colon cancer.

Starting with an intergenerational comic book literacy program the Wakanda Alliance Program has created educational thought-spaces within black communities. Within these spaces, we examine works of art inspired by the many cultures within the African diaspora, thus spurring insightful conversations between our audiences about the impact we can create when one combines space-time, technology, culture and imagination! Using Afrofuturism as a lens to view black experience and reimagine black pasts and futures we acknowledge the deep connection to our ancestors and the importance of healing and storytelling.

In African traditions death is only the beginning and a transition, and with this knowledge we choose to celebrate the transition of our King. We celebrate the life and transition of our Hero and Brother. We choose to pick up the torch to carry on his legacy—our legacy— and realize that in this moment and in the words of Chadwick himself, “transferring the spirit of the fighter to us. Sometimes we have to feel the pain of defeat to activate the real passion and purpose that God predestined inside of you.” The pain of his passing will activate our real passion and purpose through love and healing. It is time we rise as such…together. Wakanda Forever !!

The Wakanda Alliance was conceived by DQ Grant (Founder of Panthfrica and The Galactic Tribe) and John Washington (Community Organizer) who after a year of ideating teamed up with Da’Von L. McCune (CEO of D Real McCoy Ent.) and Anthony Pierce (owner of AMP’D Photography)  their program is unique in the city of Buffalo and the group has plans to  do a series of events through the end of the year celebrating Boseman’s life.   

Due to Covid-19 Galactic Tribe’s Wakanda Alliance programs are held via zoom conferences however will be returning to the  King Urban Center Sept 26 for hybrid workshops where you can attend in person or via zoom.  Workshops are currently scheduled September 12 and 26, October 31st, November 28th and December 26th. Following them at  for more detail and follow the Wakada Alliance page IG

Snap Shots from The Galactic Tribe’s Wakanda Alliance Program . You can find out more about them on the links above.