(The “Justice for Cariol Horne” team  released the following statement it the wake of the Buffalo Common Council’s vote on Tuesday to pass Cariol’s Law.)

“For Eric Garner. For Breonna Taylor. For India Cummings. For Quentin Suttles. For Elijah Cummings. You deserved more. And we will make sure you get more.”

The “Justice for Cariol Horne” celebrates this huge team and community win. Cariol’s Law is and should be the law of the land. We would like to thank the immense support and community lobbying we have received over the past few months in ensuring Cariol Horne’s reputation is vindicated, restored and made whole after suffering grave injustices, defamation, firing and loss of pension at the hands of the Buffalo Police Department and the controlling bodies housed within the walls of City Hall.

Cariol is gratified that the Common Council on September 29, passed “Cariol’s Law: Duty to Intervene.”  The country has seen a series of events in the recent past where law enforcement officers failed to intervene to protect the safety and health of detainees.   This law makes clear that the policy of Buffalo is that every officer has a duty to intervene to protect all of our citizens.  We applaud this step by the Buffalo Common Council.

 One of many to come, this victory solidifies Cariol’s legacy as an activist and police reform advocate as we fought to ensure Cariol Horne’s name, story and road to restoration was not erased. Her sacrifice in doing what most officers won’t, intervening during an unlawful chokehold of an unarmed man, is the minimal requirements when taking the oath to protect and serve our communities.  Her sacrifice is the example we want to base our platform off of when reimagining policing. COMMUNITY WE DID THIS!

This win is both symbolic and through the codifying of this law, named in her honor and passing the necessary measures to hold our Police Officers accountable, protect those who want to uphold the law at all costs, and protect civilians who currently fear police interactions. THANK YOU to the Buffalo Common Council body who stood strong today, equipped with their convictions to be on the right side of history in passing of this historic law, Cariol’s Law.

Now it’s time to refocus on the seats of the Common Council who have made it clear they do not support us or our desire to reform and reimagine good policing in the City of Buffalo. Common Councilmen Scanlon who felt it necessary to misappropriate the facts of Cariol Horne’s background for his personal gain and platform is both shameful and reprehensible. Cariol Horne is confident in her record of service for the BPD and has nothing to hide. Cariol Horne lost her job and pension as a result of retaliatory action by the BPD.   She spent years not just fighting for her vindication but to change the system. This is the first step to protecting other officers, to ensure they do not experience the tactful disingenuous false reporting or retaliatory acts as she has fought through for 14 years.

We continue to work with the Common Council with this law as we have met the two-week aged process to add amendments to this law. This process allows for further transparency of the Police Department and its community members who in fact want safe communities and improved systems where we are all guaranteed life, liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness.

Our amendments will include:

  • A clause explaining what happens in the intervening of 5 years. What does the officer need to do in that time?
  • “Objectively reasonable” needs clear definitive wording as to not allow for interpretations of the law. We need concrete proof for force to be used. Meeting force with force needs clear definitions and imminent danger must be closely defined or we are to see another hashtag of a senseless police aided murder.
  • Cariol’s Law registry can be conducted on a local level with the help of the police union. It’s time for them to stop in to protect the community and not bad policing.

Lastly, we are eager to stand with the Mayor of Buffalo in the signing of this legislation empowering his seat and our restored relationships in community advocacy and change.

We are the Justice for Cariol team and we again say thank you.

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