Raptors Nurse of the Year

by A. Dorcely

    We’ve been dealing with a lot in 2020. But nothing has changed our lives more than Covid-19. This Pandemic has had it’s silver linings though not much. First, it’s provided an opportunity for us to spend more time with our families. Second, while on Quarantine we had a chance to see systemic racism under a different light. Another is because of so many deaths we realized the value of our frontline workers. The doctors and nurses who saved lives everyday while putting their own at risk. Let me take this moment to wish you all great strength and health as we continue to fight this virus.

    One more displacement in our routines by this virus has been a change in the way concerts, social outings or sporting events are conducted. The NBA was able to find a way to restart their season safely despite all of this turmoil. At this point you’ve heard of the Bubble and you know we’re currently in week two of the playoffs. By the time this article will have reached you the Raptors will be into the second round because they swept the wounded Nets 4-0 in the best of seven series.

    The closest game of the series was game two where the Nets lost by five. Brooklyn had been decimated by injuries and by players opting out of play for health reasons. The other three games were blowouts. The Nets were outmanned and outgunned. In between game three and game four another important nurse was recognized for outstanding work. This time it was Coach Nurse of the Toronto Raptors.

   Kyle Lowry and Fred VanVleet presented the Coach of the Year award to Coach Nurse during TNT’s Inside the NBA. Coach Nurse is in his second year as a NBA head coach.     

   Many people expected the raining World Champions to fall short of the playoffs in their defense of their title because of the loss of Kawhi Leonard and some early injuries this season to significant players. But Toronto fought all season to prove them wrong. Coach Nurse stated “this is an organizational award” and couldn’t have done without his players showing up for him. The Raptors have the Celtics up next. Just what the doctor ordered; some revenge for Raptor’s fans!