Project WITT Report : “Wisdom In Troubled Times”


The following testimony is from three young men – Cuddy, Morgan and Devante -who have experienced Project WITT’s Program.

“At our school, we saw and heard a lot of negativity. We saw how easy people got into arguments and fights. Stuff that caused a lot of confusion, you know, that he say, she say talk! We saw how easy it was for students to let other students get them loud, angry and out of control. A lot of times over stupid stuff. Even some of our female friends had us arguing with each other!

 “When instigators and haters start running their mouths, making you feel like you just got punked off, because of your pride, you be ready to fight! You’re not thinking about the consequences or even where you are! (If you don’t learn how to kill your anger, that anger could end up getting you killed) So we made a pact between the three of us. We agreed that we would not let anyone cause us to get loud, angry or fight in our school. We agreed that if something happened negative, we would get together privately and deal with it as kings and brothers. If we gonna fight… We gonna to fight to lead and succeed, we’re not going to fight to bleed!

“Rev. Coplin’s program helped us so much. When we learned about (Speak Life Twice), it helped build our bond as brothers. We plan to go back to our school, to inspire other students, male and female to form a bond like we did. It works, so we want to spread it, in our schools and in the community!” 

HERE’S ONE sobering REASON WE HAVE TO STOP THE “FIGHT TO BLEED!” According to FBI data,  Over 1,400 more Blacks were murdered by Blacks in two years than were lynched from 1882-1968 !“We’ve been bleeding for too long!”

WE NEED TO CONTINUE TO TEACH OUR YOUTH TO FIGHT TO LEAD AND SUCCEED for the sake of the future of the families of the three boys in this article and the countless thousands that will decide to follow their lead and emulate their example! 

A CHANGE IS COMING! Imagine, just imagine and by faith believe; an entire school with male and female students saying, understanding and acting out, “We don’t fight to bleed, we fight to lead and succeed!” Imagine billboards all over the city with power words of life, written for our youth and by our youth… “The faith that unites us will be greater than the fear that divides us!” Please join us! Please help us!   

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