Progress: “Justice For Cariol Horne and Cariol’s Law Makes Progress

The “Justice for Cariol Horne” team would like to thank the immense support and community lobbying we have received over the past few months in ensuring Cariol Horne is vindicated, reputation restored and made whole after suffering grave injustices, defamation, firing and loss of pension at the hands of the Buffalo Police Department and the controlling bodies housed within the walls of City Hall.

We are proud to announce, we have successfully won, one of many to come, single victories in making concrete Cariol’s legacy as we fought to ensure Cariol Horne’s name, story and road to restoration will not be erased. Her sacrifice in doing what most officers won’t, intervening during an unlawful chokehold of an unarmed man, is the minimal requirements when taking the oath to protect and serve our communities. Her sacrifice is the example we want to base our platform off of when reimagining policing.

We would like to again mention our champions for Cariol’s Law Councilman Rasheed Wyatt of University District and Councilmen David Rivera of Niagara District who came forth on theirpublic stance in support of Cariol’s Law prior to Tuesday’s Council meeting. We thank

Councilmen Bollman, Nowakowski,Wingo, and Feroleto some of whom made verbal declarations of support in naming Cariol’s Law. Additionally, we would like to give a vigorous thank you to Common Council President Darius Pridgen, Ellicott District, for initiating the amendment of the once named Duty to Intervene Law to its appropriate name, after the writer of the police reform law, Cariol’s Law. In dissent of this historic move, we have noted the silence of both Councilmember Golombek, North District, and Councilmember Scanlon South District who have faced public scrutiny, some of which made national coverage, regarding the policing and racial tensions within their districts. We hope they too see the pertinent need to protect their constituents and good policing in hopes to maintain their Council seats.

We are excited and eager to continue pushing with Buffalo Common Council in ensuring the six components of Cariol’s are maintained in the passing of the newly amended policy name “Cariol’s Law” and send a public invitation to do so.

Cariol’s Law is greater than just: “the requirement for officers to intervene when present and observing another officer using force that he/she reasonably believes to be clearly beyond that which is objectively reasonable under the circumstances shall intercede to prevent the use of unreasonable force, if and when the officer has a realistic opportunity to prevent harm” as currently stated in the previously name police Duty to Intervene.

The language of this current policy leaves dangerous room for multiple interpretations, possibly enhancing the unchecked police violence we see here in Buffalo and nationwide.

The Justice for Cariol team, submitted the draft of our proposed law to the Common Council which was submitted for their review and a detailed template by which to follow. This draft includes the six components necessary to hold Police Officers accountable, protect good officers, and protect and serve our communities.

The components include:

• Duty to intervene when officers pose imminent threat to citizens

• Accountability for Officers Neglecting to Intervene and registry for those who are found in violation

• Protection for Officers who intervene

• Accountability of falsifying reports

• Impacts policy regarding termination and department funding

• Restorative justice for retaliation of whistleblower

We are entrusting the Buffalo Common Council as they have positively impressed upon their constituents in their Districts by heeding to the public demand of naming Carol’s Law in her name. Now, we are entrusting them to see this historic legislation from the Justice for Cariol team through to its passing and completion in the City of Buffalo.