Mayor Warren, Council President Scott Call for City  Requirement for New RPD Officers

Having Officers Live in the City Will Benefit Neighborhoods say Warren & Scott

Mayor Lovely A. Warren and City Council President Loretta C. Scott have announced their support for a residency requirement for all newly hired Rochester Police Department Officers. To achieve this goal, Mayor Warren and President Scott are calling upon Rochester’s New York State Legislature delegation to introduce and support legislation to allow the City to adopt a local law creating the requirement. The Mayor and Council President have sent a joint letter to the entire delegation asking them to take action.

“Having our police officers live in the community they protect and serve will build relationships and strengthen our neighborhoods,” said Mayor Warren. “Ultimately, both officers and their neighbors will benefit and, I’m confident, our city will be safer because of connections made. Also, we will keep vital dollars and resources in Rochester rather than see them leave our community.”

Only 47 of the Rochester Police Department’s 713 sworn officers (6.6%) live in the city, according to the RPD open data portal. Eighty-six of the department’s 181 civilian employees (48%) live in the city.   

“As cities across the country continue to reimagine policing, our neighbors in Buffalo and Syracuse are asking for the same opportunity to implement residency requirements for their police forces,” said Vice President Willie J. Lightfoot, “This policy change has the potential to make a significant impact on our community by enhancing our opportunity to recruit a diverse police force, creating positive economic impacts by keeping money in the City, and making our neighborhoods safer.”

Rochester Police Department  Chief  La’Ron Singletary affirmed Monday that he is a city resident. None of the department’s three deputy chiefs live in the city. 

pictured Mayor Warren (left) and  Council President Scott