Honoring A Pioneer: Tesfay Kidane Day Declared in Buffalo!

pictured: Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown Presents Proclamation to Mr. Tesfay Kidane who founded the first Eritrean Orthodox Church in Buffalo NY

Heavy rains and cloudy skies gave way to bright sunshine last Sunday afternoon just in time to honor a local spiritual pioneer – Mr. Tesfay Kidane.

Following services St. Michaels Eritrean Orthodox Church at 1551 Jefferson Avenue,   the  congregation, beautifully clad in white, joined the mayor of the city in  celebrating  the Eritrean trailblazer  by presenting him with a proclamation  declaring Sunday, September 13, Tesfay Kidane Day in the City of Buffalo. A special Designated Route street sign bearing his name, “Tesfay Kidane Way,” has been placed in front of the Church along Jefferson Avenue. A proclamation from the Hon. Majority Leader  of the New York State Assembly Crystal Peoples Stokes, was also presented to Mr. Kidane.

Born in Eritrea (East Africa) January 1945, Tesfay Kidane grew up and worked as a truck driver. He  married in 1965 raising 8 children. All his life in Eritrea he was a dedicated family and congregant of the Eritrean Orthodox Church. 

He immigrated in 2010 with his family to the USA as a refugee  and settled in Buffalo. However once here , he couldn’t find an Eritrean Orthodox Church to bring his family to, so he decided to find a way to start a church home for his family and many other American Eritrean refugee families to practice their faith. 

In 2017 with God’s grace, the American Eritrean Orthodox Church, led by Mr. Kidane, preserved and opened St. Michaels Eritrean Orthodox Church at 1551 Jefferson Avenue. 

The St. Michael’s Eritrean Orthodox Church community would like to recognize Mr. Kidane’s vision and faith as the integral part of the opening of this house of worship!

 Snap shots from Tesfay Kidane Day in Buffalo